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Private Schools Guide of South Florida (PSGSF) is recognized as South Florida’s most comprehensive guide for families in their search for private education. Our magazine was designed to connect prospective parents with schools, through curriculum and philosophy, so that the whole family can benefit from a supportive learning environment. With a distribution that reaches 50,000 readers in Miami-Dade, Broward and  Palm Beach, our readers can rely on comprehensive directories, unbiased information and well-researched content to keep up with educational changes.  With 10 years of marketing experience in the industry, Private Schools Guide of South Florida has built strong relationships in our community. Your success is our success.

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Aug 26

Literacy Beyond Reading and Writing

Our world is constantly evolving, and with that comes new information and new ways to relay and receive information.

Mar 13

Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep

The struggle for establishing healthy sleep habits is one shared by most if not all parents. The regimen starts early on with parents employing a number of different practices to try and establish healthy sleep behaviors for their children. The debates don't make this process [...]

Mar 7

Teachers Win Most Prestigious Prize in Jewish Education

Hebrew Academy Teachers Win Most Prestigious Prize in Jewish Education

Feb 6

Designing the Future: Using Fashion to Address Ecological Needs

Scheck Hillel Community School’s Girls STEAM Club Awarded Prestigious Grants North Miami Beach – Scheck Hillel Community School’s Girls Building STEAM Club has been awarded two grants for the student-developed program entitled, “Designing the Future: Using Fashion to Address Ecological Needs.”

Jan 24

St. Joseph’s Homeschool Resource Program Open for Enrollment

St. Joseph’s Open Enrollment Welcomes Homeschooled Students Who Seek Social and Sporting Networks Parents seeking to expand their homeschooled students’social and sporting options can now apply   (l-r) Jackson Schemel, Katie Schemel, Aiden Schemel and Nikolos Rodriguez on family vacation in Costa Rica.      

Dec 18

Scheck Hillel Announces Silver Knight Award Nominees

Scheck Hillel Announces Silver Knight Award Nominees North Miami Beach, Fla. — Thirteen Scheck Hillel Community School seniors have been nominated for the 2019 Miami Herald Silver Knight Awards: one of the nation’s most highly regarded student awards programs. These students are Jonathan Abbo (Digital […]

Dec 18

St. Jospeh’s Annual Angel Tree Dinner

Local students serve Annual Angel Tree Dinner to the poor and homeless, in the true spirit of the holidays   Lake Worth/Boynton Beach, Fla. – December 18, 2018 – The eighth-grade students of St. Joseph’s Episcopal School prepared and served a Christmas dinner for approximately 20-30 homeless and poor […]

Dec 18

Progressive Education Reaches a New Level (English & Spanish)

Part of living in a constantly changing and globalized world requires a permanent evolution in society and in the way we educate new generations. Problems nowadays are certainly not the same as those from our parents, and that is why a prevailing need exists in […]

Nov 21

Scheck Hillel Opens Applications for Multiyear Academic Scholarships

Scheck Hillel Opens Multiyear Academic Scholarship Applications: Up to 100% Full Tuition North Miami Beach – Scheck Hillel Community School has opened applications for multiyear academic scholarships of up to 100% full tuition for rising Grade 9 and Grade 10 students, reinforcing that Scheck Hillel […]

Nov 21

Oxbridge Academy’s Signature Aviation Program, Implements New STEM Curriculum

Oxbridge Academy Implements Enhanced Aviation STEM Curriculum to Its Signature Program West Palm Beach, FL – Oxbridge Academy is one of a select group of high schools in the nation approved to implement the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations (AOPA) high school aviation science, technology, engineering, […]

Feb 6

Join Fusion Miami for an Open House!

Join Fusion Miami Thursday, February 21st  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at the Fusion Miami Campus 9130 S Dadeland Blvd [...]

Jan 16

The King’s Academy

What: TKA’s Boutique & Trunk Show
Each year, the event draws increasingly larger crowds eager to shop with the estimated 60 unique and exclusive vendors assembled at the show.

When: Friday, March 2, 2018 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Jan 11

Conchita Espinosa Academy

We have an upcoming event on Saturday, January 20th is our New Parent Showcase (i.e. open house).
Phone: 305-227-1149

Email: agonzalez@conchitaespinosa.com

Jan 11

Divine Savior Academy

We have an Open House on Tuesday, January 30th at 7pm at Doral campus
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Jan 5


The future of education is being driven by advanced technology and limitless access to information. According to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, “One-third of jobs in 2020 will require skills that aren’t common today.” How can the classroom become a place where today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders?
In 2001, Finland astounded the world when their students scored highest on the first Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)