Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep

Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep

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The struggle for establishing healthy sleep habits is one shared by most if not all parents. The regimen starts early on with parents employing a number of different practices to try and establish healthy sleep behaviors for their children. The debates don’t make this process simple, parents try to find a balance between attachment parenting or teaching their child to self-soothe and just when parents have found a win with sleep training, they encounter the dreaded sleep regressions. It gets frustrating and abandoning schedules and routines is necessary to remain sane. In this guide you may find things you’ve already tried and things you may want to try. Things that can help supplement your sleep training or things that you can employ to help when keeping a schedule is too demanding for your family.  Remember that you cannot force your child into rem sleep but you can set them up for the best possible chance to achieve that natural deep sleep that will ensure healthy development, growth, and learning.

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