St. Joseph’s Homeschool Resource Program Open for Enrollment

St. Joseph's Homeschool Resource Program Open for Enrollment

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St. Joseph’s Open Enrollment Welcomes Homeschooled Students Who Seek Social and Sporting Networks

Parents seeking to expand their homeschooled students’social and sporting options can now apply


(l-r) Jackson Schemel, Katie Schemel, Aiden Schemel and Nikolos Rodriguez on family vacation in Costa Rica.


Boynton Beach, Fla. – (January 22, 2019) – With more than 5,400 students homeschooled in Palm Beach County during the 2017-18 school year, this region leads the state in the number of children being educated at home. But according to several parenting websites, one of the top concerns of homeschooling parents is their children’s ability to deal with isolation and socializing with other students their age.

This was the case for Meridith Tennant, a Lantana mother of four, who enrolled her son, Aiden Schemel, at Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School in Boynton Beach, when he was in the third grade. Three years later, Aidan happily splits his time between his educational instruction at home and his electives and sporting events at Saint Joseph’s. Tennant said Aiden has a full network of friends and team members.

“He feels like he has family there. He talks to his friends on the phone and goes to birthday parties, and he’s eligible to be in the sports program. We started with electives at St. Joseph’s, and now he’s also including academics,” Tennant said. “Being a part of sporting teams teaches him a lot of different skills. He tries out for every team — lacrosse, basketball, football, soccer… I totally recommend it.”

For parents who are seeking to expand their homeschooled students’ networks and social circles, Saint Joseph’s welcomes them to learn more about its Home School Resource Program, during its Open Enrollment, which began this month. Parents can apply for enrollment and register their students for the Summer and Fall semesters during this time. Saint Joseph’s offers two summer programs that begin in June. (

“The mission of Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School’s Home School Resource Program is to offer our curriculum, enrichment, arts, and athletics programs to home school families,” said Admissions Director Mary Aperavich. “It’s a unique feature of our school that we find parents appreciate because it fills in the missing parts of a student’s educational experience. We try to find customized ways to help families get the best education for their students possible.”

Because Tennant had such a positive experience with her son, Aiden, she recently enrolled her son, Nikolos Rodriguez, at Saint Joseph’s, so he could finish the eighth-grade. She said he felt welcomed and safe among students who had attended the school since kindergarten.

“Even the parents have offered to help with his transition,” Tennant said. “It’s been a great experience.”

Saint Joseph’s curriculum and campus is designed to provide an academically stimulating environment that honors individual learning styles and promotes social and emotional intelligence. Its accreditations include Florida Council of Independent Schools, Florida Kindergarten Council and the National Association of Episcopal Schools and the Educational Records Bureau.

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Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School holds itself to the highest standards for the character of each child and believes that every child deserves to attend a school where all are safe and supported. Saint Joseph’s, founded in 1958, is an FCIS- and FKC-accredited, nationally renowned, STREAM school serving children ages one through three at its Early Childhood Academy, as well as pre-kindergarten through grade eight on its main campus. In 2017-2018, SJES educated 182 students in PK – 8th and averaged 40 – 45 students at the Early Childhood Academy. For more information visit or contact admissions director Mary Aperavich at 561-732-2045 or

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