We are a small local business that has been serving South Florida since 2009. I started this business and journey as single mother of three girls trying to find a school that met the individual needs of my children and reinforced the values and principles I was teaching them at home. What began as daunting research to fulfill my own parenting needs, quickly turned into an opportunity to connect prospective parents with quality education. Connecting parents with schools where their children could find enriched academic and extracurricular opportunities, dedicated teachers, a safe environment and a shared educational philosophy. My daughters have since graduated and have children of their own but my mission for this publication remains steadfast.

Our magazine’s comprehensive directories and engaging content are designed to serve as a starting point and resource for parents looking to invest in private education. We advocate for our partners in order to match prospective students with the private school that best fits their learning style and needs. With 10 years of marketing experience in the industry, we have built strong relationships throughout the community and have grown alongside many of the amazing schools we are fortunate to have in South Florida. It is because of their continued support and their genuine desire to see our children and community succeed,  we have been able to achieve what many tried to tell us would never happen—10 years as a print magazine! We are proud and honored that you have trusted us for 10 great years and look forward to continuing this important work we do–together!



To empower parents and advocate for our partners to ensure the growth, development and success of our children and community in South Florida.


Our Purpose is to connect parents and schools through curriculum and philosophy in order to create a supportive learning environment for the whole family. We advocate for the vast methods and approaches to education and match prospective students with the private school that best fits their learning style and needs.


At the core of our values, is accountability. We hold ourselves accountable, ultimately to God, and then to parents as they are charged with the responsibility of overseeing their children’s education. Parents, when given relevant information, will make the right decisions that help all of us succeed in our mission.

We practice responsibility by honoring our commitments and taking ownership of our work. When mistakes are made, we will admit it, apologize for it, learn from it, and correct it.

We promote transparency as a fundamental value. Our customers, regardless of size, will get the best service we can offer. Our children, regardless of differences, will be supported rather than excluded or isolated. Our community, regardless of its social cohesion or lack thereof, will have our participation, cooperation and support to improve engagement and inclusive growth.


Our goal is to be good stewards of our community, our company, and our planet. Your success is our success!





Elizabeth Rivas

President, Editor in Chief

Ms. Rivas holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Liberty University and earned her Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. She has over 20 years of experience in Publishing and Marketing and served 15 years as Vice President of Sales for Florida Construction News. Ms. Rivas currently resides in Miami with her three daughters.


Monica Pitts

Managing Editor

Monica Pitts graduated from Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising. She worked in the insurance industry for 11 years before joining R Media Publishing as the managing editor.



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